Life in Magdeburg

Magdeburg is not a big city, however, the small city is full of activities that bring it to life. The ease of transport is very, wherever you are, you can get to your destination in a short time. Once you're around the city centre, all what you need is within walking distance.

Whether it's Allee Center or City Carré, shopping centres are common, and you could find mostly everything you could wish to buy (Clothes, food, and others). Nevertheless, you wont miss outdoor shopping, Breiter Weg, right from the university all the way to Hasselbachplatz where you will enjoy Magdeburg's nightlife.

It's the second greenest city in Germany; there are many parks around you to enjoy a nice barbeque in spring or summer, under the sun and by the river. The bike friendly city will also allow you to have a nice tour around to enjoy its atmosphere, of course as well as means of easy transport.

Students' Activities

The city and the university offer you a variety of activities to fill your time with. At the university you could register in one of the many sport courses available (indoors and outdoors). Magdeburg also offers many fitness centres, cinemas, theatres and an opera house, where you will definitely not have the chance to get bored.

Don't forget about the international students' communities such as, IKUS (most popular), Simpsons and others. You can experience different cultures and meet new people easily. Just stay up to date with their programmes and participate!

Touristic Attractions

The small students' city is full of sightseeing places that make it even more attractive. Der Dom, der Hunderwasserhaus or das Jahrtausendturm, they all amaze you with their stunning architecture. Many other attractions make this city not only a students' city, but also appealing to tourists. Not to forget about the cities around Magdeburg; Berlin, Potsdam, Hannover, Quedlinburg and Harz where one can also visit easily. As a student you will always have the chance to have people visit you and enjoy a pleasant stay with a lot to see.

Latest News

- Visit our stand at the IECHE2015 Exhibition in Riyadh. You can find us at stand 160: Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, located between DAAD and Saudi-Cultural Mission in Germany. We are looking forward for your visit and to personally tell you all about our program.

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